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March Learn how and when to remove this template message. That happened at least once. Several of my friends were married have children adults, now but have a male lover one relationship is over 30years and going strong! Stranger shit's happened on ecstasy, after all. To cut right to the chase, some people want to know if Alan Ritchson is gay or straight! It isn't a big deal that Donnie's gay.

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An alternative look at the day in sports".

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Why Do People Think Alan Ritchson is Gay?

It portrays certain aspects of American university life, including American footballsex, binge drinkingdrugs, wild partying, and hazing. His physique is chiseled and cut with a massive upper body and noticeably large biceps. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved February 26, Perigard of the Boston Herald gave the series a favorable review saying, " Blue is also frequently funny in a raunchy American Pie way. There are a number of reasons people think Alan Ritchson is gay.

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He remembers complaining loudly. His mother is a high school teacher and his father is a retired U. Anytime a male actor kisses another man on a TV or in a movie, gay rumors are sure to follow. One of the main reasons gay rumors have floated around about Alan Ritchson relates to an extremely passionate gay kiss scene with Trevor Donovan in on the television show, He didn't have to wait for whatever faceless girl had been here to come back. And it was possible he might have humped a couch.

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