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Although Haruka is extremely strong and has some psychic sensitivity mostly in the form of dreams, shared by Michiru and Setsuna, or by "hearing" ill omens in the windshe is not shown using any special powers in her civilian form. He constantly dressed in drag to seduce potential male victims and steal their souls, or dreams, or something. When the show was dubbed for American audiences, all of the gayness was erased. She is given three major attacks in the series, and although they all have English names like those of the other Sailor Soldierseach is also given kanji in the manga to denote the meaning to Japanese readers. Like Michiru, Haruka is sometimes considered an antihero. The summer of is shaping up to be a big one for Sailor Moon fans. Localized for North American audiences in the s, the series remains wildly popular in its native Japan while maintaining a dedicated stateside cult following.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

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It was really awkward when they figure it out. These actress cover all roles of the plays, even the male ones. I was inspired by them to create Haruka.

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Unlike most of the other Soldiers, her gloves extend only to mid-forearm.