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Our validation comes from within ourselves and our own private relationship with God. Thursday, October 5, at I remember vividly his physical decline toward the end of his life, how this vibrant person was suddenly sapped of his vitality. Homosexuality and religion Transgender people and religion. The official website of the Baha'i Faith is: Monday through Friday at

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That while I may have sexual relationships with another person outside of marriage, my relationship with that person should not be based upon it, but based upon a spiritual relationship with them.

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Brokenhearted Bahá'is: LGBTs Rejected by Their Faith

And yet, our religion, like others, calls us to chastity outside of marriage and fidelity within it. We are either becoming closer to God or drifting away from God. Monday through Friday at Me being a transgender woman who was created by God, just has to live life the best that I can, and carry on my "Walk about" through the worlds of God coming to terms with my spirituality and my own struggles with God's spiritual and social laws to learn the lessons of life that God wants me to learn. Socioeconomic development Symbols Cosmology Prophecies Statistics.

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Yes, there are things I do not understand, but I must accept. God judges our behavior and not man. Our validation comes from within ourselves and our own private relationship with God. Wherever you find the attributes of God love that person, whether he be of your family or of another. The pattern of life to which they aspire, Shoghi Effendi writes, "can tolerate no compromise with the theories, the standards, the habits, and the excesses of a decadent age. All people are supposed to deal with each other in a kind, loving, and nonjudgemental manner.

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