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Although t. This also goes along with the fact that at the time of this album, they were still giving off the impression of lesbians to everyone, so this interpretation really hits home. General Comment Well I used to have the first english CD but I lost it so I can't tell you wants wrong with the song but the title does mean Gay Boy and I do think it is about a girl that falls in love with a gay guy. User does not exist. I also agree with mypersonalsun's interpretation. Ot stida ne krasnei, Mal'chik-gei, mal'chik-gei Polozhi na druzei, Mal'chik-gei, mal'chik-gei Ot menya ofigei Mal'chik-gei, gei Malchik gei Malchik gei I can be all your need Won't you please stay with me? Flag SmurfQueen on June 11,

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So it is definitely "malchik gei" gay boynot "malchiky" boys.

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General Comment Okay, with Malchik Gay translated as gay boy, it's easy to see how the story goes General Comment Oh, and by the way, the lyrics posted here are wrong. Therefore, it would have to be "malchik gei" because -ei is the only way to make a long a sound in russian that makes sense.

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Malchik Gay song meanings.

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