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On the right, as usual, there's the same-stream traffic; on the left there's the upstream traffic. Try not to panic i. One last note about this DLC, completely unrelated to the achievements: First of all, you can now check your phone to see that a new menu has been added: Unsheathe your gun and finish him off with ease. I suggest taking out the closest one on the left first; then the third one; then turn around to destroy the middle one as well. The order with which the enemies come out of their vehicles is fixed though, and you should try to find a spot which works well for you and lets you target the enemies who come out first more easily.

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Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough

This will send the shot right where you were aiming, and so you should succeed as long as you have a good timing. Just a couple of tips on the shooting other than stressing again the strength of the automatic guns: In particular, you should press A to confirm and start the selected mission on your phone when Henrique says his line upon breaking. Tools What Links Here? As a matter of fact, you want to land exactly on the right-most boat, which is the "correct" one. Again, it may take a bit of practice to get used to the slim vehicle, but you should have no problems if you don't try anything "hardcore" like turning with the handbrake system.

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After the part where your friends blow up a wall, there will be two groups of enemies plus another group which has landed on the roof with the helicopter: You'll have to get through a toll again, and once again you may either be lucky, avoiding triggering the police chase, or not; in the second more frequent case you should lose the cops on your way to your destination. I really don't know what's going on with your set up unless they possibly changed it to require more drug wars to get the weapon spawns. Luck and reflexes can help you with this. You'll also need to shoot rather quickly, and pray for good luck with the police chases i. You'll be on the highway, and you can follow the highlighted route from here on.

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