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Not literally at home, but you know, as a young kid doing theater, my friends were these men and women in their 20s, driving me home and getting me dinner. It had been a bad day already for the show's co-star; he was taking pills to sleep at night and receiving shots of novocaine and cortisone in his back on bad days to keep working. Are there any particular instances that stick out? Having said that, even though declaring yourself LGBTQ in is an option, the discrimination -- especially when it comes to the trans community and homophobic crime -- is still in the stone ages. He was mocked for his softness, his eccentricity, his image. The band, made up of Australian duo Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones, saw six tracks hit the top 40 of the Billboard Hot -- including two trips to the No.

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Both Hayes and Jones realise that Savage Garden lucked out releasing albums just before people stopped paying for albums.

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Zero plans to ever reunite. How do you explain anti-gay feelings to your children? She loves the water and has no fear.

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I remember distinctly the message I got from the top down was that being gay was detrimental to sales.

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