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I received an offer of that kind you cannot refuse, and I will take it. We signed Jonas Kold Andersen as our new jungler pending Riot approval. And still, today I am quitting probably one of the best jobs in the world. Thank you for speaking up and clearly explaining how things are working. Which in turn lead to strong performances throughout scrims and strong results which even made Jankos become timid facing us.

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Every day will be an opportunity and every season is a marathon.

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But again there is the devil is in the details: It is a huge step for me, and I believe I am making the right move. Which lead us to our next and last chance for worlds: Which Champion was first-picked most often throughout the entire Season, when UOL played on blue side? Hyli got the most assists on Rakan: Check out who is who:

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A very interesting read, thank you: With his energy and positive attitude he was the big motivator and won not only the hearts of all our fans but all people around. Actually there are 3 sources of income: From business to management, from coaching to social media, I had the chance to learn and try a lot of things while being surrounded by smart people. So it is up to RIOT in cooperation with the old and new organisations to finds ways to grow new talent, new hype and keep the quality of the rosters on a level which can compete with other regions. I hope you guys keep up the team and the whole league!

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