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The art of hypnosis, and Harrizon, are both very mysterious subjects. He made his sleep-walking way towards the room Matt and Nathan were sharing. Can a hypnotist really make me run around like a chicken? Mesmer, sir. As soon as that happens you will be able to orgasm, and that orgasm will be so intense and so overwhelming that it will quite literally blow your mind.

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You understand and you obey.

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I knew beads of sweat had popped out on my forehead as I struggled with all my might to bend my elbows and open my hands. Reg was particularly amusing as a stripper because, although he was more than handsome enough for any Chippendale booking, his normal style was so ivy-league preppy and buttoned-down that one could scarcely imagine him showing up, even on a battlefield, without his hair perfect and his tie neatly tied. The type of hypnotic induction attempted in all cases is described.

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It feels every bit as good to play with any cock as it does to play with your own… maybe even better.

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