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Harry was getting a little nervous now, but still Fred advanced - now officially in his personal space - he brought his chest level with Harry's and bent down, tilting his head to an angle. Harry slowly slid to the floor, followed quickly by the twins. Draco opened his eyes; he got out of bed and walked to the window, and watched him. Draco was pushed against the wall, and had his legs wrapped around Harry's waist. Harry, having opened his eyes at the loss of Fred's mouth on his cock, realised what the red-head was wanting and slowly guided his aching prick to Fred's exposed entrance, pushing against it gently; forcing the head of his cock into the tight channel. Malfoy was hot on his heels and his arm was drawing closer to his own, inching it's way towards the elusive winged ball. It was a few minutes later that the curtain to his cubicle was flung open, revealing a very wet and very naked Fred Weasley.

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What're you doing, Fred!

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Harry grunted in pain as the dick was pushed further into his hole. Anyone that had walked into the Gryffindor locker room at that point would have been assaulted with the sight of three hot, naked, wet bodies sandwiched together, cocks ploughing into and out of tight, muscled arses. The three sticky, sweaty bodies pulled away from each other and lent against the walls of the cubicle, breathing heavily. And the smell of sex permeated the air, mixing with the smell of sweat and mud, which was commonplace in a changing room. Draco pulled away softly, "Wow… Best first fucking experience…ever," Draco, breathed out, Harry smiled, "I'm glad you think so," "You honestly don't know how turned on you make me feel," Draco chuckled, "I think I have an idea of what I can do," Harry chuckled, Harry bent down, and Draco was ready for some more pleasure. Draco' s first gay experience Draco shifted uncomfortably in his bed that following night, he felt sweaty, and hot.

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The sounds would have hit them hard, the groaning and moaning issuing from the threesome were sinful. Draco cleared his throat and straightened his crooked tie and glanced at him nervously, he looked away and walked over to the Slytherin table. George continued fucking Harry's arse for a few more strokes before pulling out and spurting all over Harry's back. Draco' s first gay experience Draco shifted uncomfortably in his bed that following night, he felt sweaty, and hot. Draco began to moan, loudly. This is a oneshot, don't read it if you don't like it. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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