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Rudy thinks that's why Jingles wears it. He's so beautiful it makes Rudy's heart ache. Read and review, please, I love hearing from you! I haven't traveled through these woods in quite some time. What was he doing with you? I'll see you around.

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Or at least, not for the same reason.

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Make the Yuletide Gay : Home

He shivers again, wishing he had an extra layer of clothing or that he'd at least worn the ugly long johns his mom insisted on buying him. Rudy whimpers and throws his head back, biting into the skin of his forearm. He spends a lot of time in his study, which isn't all that unusual, really, but when he does emerge, at least he's polite. Hell, I am a sugarplum fairy. Because they burn my eyes, not because I crave your body. It's all too new and perfect, something he thought he'd never have again just a few hours ago, and he isn't ready to give it up yet.

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They both look at each other. Rudy feels loose and sated, and he's drifting pleasantly somewhere between sleeping and waking. Morris sniffs, his nose twitching again. I'll see you around. The curse of the rich, he called it.

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